New Aluminium Case Recommendations?

  Gaz W 01:30 10 Dec 05

Can anyone recommend a good quality ATX aluminium case for my new PC? I want a standard midi tower, and I didn't think it would be so difficult finding one with all the features I want. I'm not looking to spend a fortune - £70 to £80 is really my definite maximum, but ideally £50 to £70.

I need it to be a silver aluminium case, with all the usual good features... things like thumb screws, removable motherboard tray, easy sliding optical drives would all be a bonus, but not really essential.

I have seen things like the Thermaltake Shark, which have what I consider to be nice blue neon lighting, unlike the tacky £20 cases you can get with lights all over them, but firstly that case is too big, and secondly I don't want one with a brand name scattered all over it, so if possible an unbranded one would be preferable.

I looked at Lian Li cases but they are just square boxes and although they can look good I just think they are a bit boring. However, the Lian Li cases do have a feature I like (albeit not as standard) - the hinged drive bezels that hide away your optical drives. I don't like those cases with a door over the whole lot because I don't want to have to open a door every time I want to insert a disc.

With all that in mind, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


  phono 01:54 10 Dec 05

Try here, click here

  007al 02:25 10 Dec 05

not aluminium...but i like this case click here

  ICF 06:35 10 Dec 05

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