New to all this - any advice please

  TGN 10:55 27 Mar 05

I've just been connected to BT broadband with the main access point downstairs and the desktop computer upstairs - more than the permitted 10m hard wiring distance away. Is wireless access the answer? What kit do I need. What kit do you recommend?
Any advice very welcome

  selfbuild 11:02 27 Mar 05

Umm.... 100 metres is the limit for ethernet in one run.....

  Fingees 13:19 27 Mar 05

Assuming you mean by access point, the main phone socket. Provided you use proper telephone extention cable, and put the filter at the computer end, you should have no trouble. If you have a telephone at the access point filter that also.

It doesn't matter if you have two filters in a line.

  Forum Editor 14:46 27 Mar 05

between master socket and modem is 30 metres, not 10 metres. You can run a phone extension up to that distance, and provided you use a micro-filter at the computer end you'll have no problem

  TGN 00:02 28 Mar 05

To all who have contributed - great advice - It's the first time I've tried asking for advice like this - my sincere thanks for your help (saved me about £100!).
A very grateful

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