new account on XP..

  Fanianni 15:41 29 Mar 04

Hello to all
Im hoping someone can explain to me how to get a new account on my pc so my daughter and I can use it seperately, i know how to get one set up but im baffled at why im not gettin it to connect to my ISP, is there something im not doin, help! thats why im asking for anyones help to explain from the start!!

  johnnyrocker 15:46 29 Mar 04

without knowing the os tis a bit difficult, but if xp you just go into user profiles and build a new profile for your daughter, the connection prob is a bit different ie what set up? dial up/broadband?


  SANTOS7 15:47 29 Mar 04

click on start, control panel, user accounts, create new account type in chosen name click next
and follow rest of instructions [email protected]....

  Fanianni 16:07 29 Mar 04

Sorry im still learnin, but im on dial-up. and whats os? i'll let u know the answer to the latter asap!
Its really the connection problem thats the headache!
Thanx 2 u both for ur speedy replies

  computernerdiamnot 16:18 29 Mar 04

what i used to do on dial up was on each user you use there e-mail account name i.e [email protected] so take john.smith as the user name and insert your password word that should work.

  computernerdiamnot 16:21 29 Mar 04

on each user use the connection wizard and put in the first part of their email address as the user and insert your password when you come to outlook choose tools new account insert their user name then click on pop3 if your using that and input pop.your then below insert smtp.your then click ok

  SANTOS7 16:22 29 Mar 04

open dialup box and click on "anyone who uses this computer" that should allow access to net for all accounts

  Fanianni 16:29 29 Mar 04

thanx all, i'll get back to u, lets hope it works!!

  Fanianni 20:58 29 Mar 04

hello ive sorted it, i hope! all i did was re- register with my ISP on the new account and it seems to have solved the problem now ive got to transfer all my daughters files to her account, thats going to be a mission ;~|
I'll leave this thread open for a few days just incase i encounter any other hitches
Thanx again for ur advice and help

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