new 9800pro installed, was it worth it?

  aca 08:30 08 Jan 05

Have just replaced geforce 3 Ti500 with Radeon 9800 pro 128mb(256bit).

Although better on Unreal T 2004 expected more, was I expecting too much?

Have run 3dMark2001got score 10,000 and 3dMark03 and scored 5000. Cant remember the comparable score with the Ti500?

Should I be expecting better?
Is it my CPU holding things back?
Any settings without over clocking that I should tweak?
Where should I start?

Motherboard Model A7V8X-X
(AGPx8 looks enabled in CMOS)
Installed latest 4 in 1 drivers
Processor Version Athlon(TM) XP 2200+ (1.8mhz)
512 MD RAM
37G hard Drive
Windows 2000
DirectX Version 9.0 Build 0904


  AndySD 09:01 08 Jan 05

Have you installed the latest nvidia drivers? click here

  powerless 09:13 08 Jan 05

Probably better if you update the ATI drivers click here

  ICF 09:14 08 Jan 05

AndySD said:-Have you installed the latest nvidia drivers?

Why would you do that when its a ATI card??

Try click here

  AndySD 09:20 08 Jan 05

Oops braindead or my mind elsewhere. Thankyou both for spotting it.

  aca 09:27 08 Jan 05

yes, latest ati drivers installed

  ICF 07:22 09 Jan 05

Have you got the latest motherboard drivers installed?

  ulrich 10:34 09 Jan 05

I use a nvidia card and my scores depend on what settings ie 2 x Antialiasing or whatever I use.

  topdude 10:51 09 Jan 05

From my experience replacing a fast card with a slightly faster card is not likely to give you the speed you were expecting.
You are probably correct about the CPU holding the 9800 back now.

If CPU is holding you back and you have some spare christmas money to hand look at a mobile barton XP2500. With that board i think you are likely to hit very high CPU speed if you overclocked slightly without any excess heat problems...

  drew645 11:37 09 Jan 05

i just got the same card, runs fine.
Radeon recommend a minimum power input to computer of 300watts. I don't know if less would underpower your computer generally.

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