New 256kb Blueyonder service.

  Dagwoood 09:58 01 Mar 04

Just been on the telewest site to find that you can pre-register for a new 256kb broadband service for 17.99 per month(if you are already a telewest customer), the first 5000 to register can get the first month free.

Please note there is an acceptable usage policy of 750mb per day.

Still sounds good to me!!

  expertec 10:48 01 Mar 04

I think Broadband starts at 512k

  Dagwoood 13:57 01 Mar 04

Further to your posting, this new service is a broadband connection(as per the telewest web site).

  Jester2K 14:01 01 Mar 04

I think expertec's point is that "BroadBand" is considered by most to be any connection 512kb and above. Wasn't this the subject of a PCA poll?

  expertec 14:01 01 Mar 04

For more info click here

All I meant is I wouldn't bother with all these half speed and 150K broadbands, I think they're a waste of time

  Dagwoood 14:15 01 Mar 04

I didnt realise that to be classed as broadband it had to be 512kb+. Thanks for heads up.

As per expertecs response, I personally dont think that a 5 fold increase in bandwidth is a waste of time when Im currently trudging along with a dial up connection. As of next month the dial up service is going up by a pound, so for an extra 4 quid you could cut your download times to a fifth of what it currently takes!

Just my personal opinion.

  expertec 14:20 01 Mar 04

it's better than dial-up i suppose, good luck

  Jester2K 14:58 01 Mar 04

"I didnt realise that to be classed as broadband it had to be 512kb+." Well not offically but most people seem to see it that way. I understood anything between 56k and 512k was known as "Middleband" or even "ThinBand" but these are unoffical.

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