Never this problem before!!! We think this is spam message

  julius44 23 Jun 12

Hello and good morning toy you, all ive ben trying to post a problem , and I keep getting the message that "we think this is spam"!!!! I've been a pc advisor forum user for 6 years, and ive posted hundreds of posts etc, this same problem happened once last week, but now its happned again today!!! i'm very upset with this I dont post spam. Can anyone adavice me what to do please

  buteman 23 Jun 12

Yes a problem with PCA they were getting bombarded with spammers not yourself of course and it has interfered with some of the posts.

Not sure if there is a lot they can do to sort the problem but I would imagine that they know about it.

Maybe contact the FE and see if he can help.

  KRONOS the First 23 Jun 12

Please do not be concerned, recently PCAdvisor was bombarded with spam so the tightened up their procedures and now certain links, certain totally innocent links you might add to your post, I might add, are now considered spam.

  julius44 23 Jun 12

Thanks chonus and Buteman, but how are we meant to post things then. Pls how do i cintact the forum editor please?? I've got an important post that i need to post on the forum ASAP!!!

  KRONOS the First 23 Jun 12

Can you explain what it is you are trying to post but is being considered spam?

  buteman 23 Jun 12

Just click on Contact Forum editor at the top of your post.

  julius44 23 Jun 12

Hey chonus, it was a problem with streaming windows media player and my ps3( a bit complicated, so i explained all this in a very long post, and I included a link from Amazon uk, for a tp link adaptor, then it said this is spam, so i then completely removed the Amazon link, and STILL it says its spam!!! What am i them meant to do?? I'll be contacing the forum editor now. HOW am i then meant to post if we cannot all just getting simple advice?? DO they think we all are spammers??!!!

Sorry for rant im just pissed off about this..only good thing is that I copied and pasted my scenario onto word, so at least tis saved for now!!!

  spuds 23 Jun 12

Its already been explained, there is very little you can do about it, until PCA sort the problem out.

A number of people have already posted this problem, which seems to have started when 'more aggressive' spam filters were introduced very recently.

The only thing that you can consider at the moment, is try to publish your posting without giving actual links ( which may or may not appear to indicate a spam message)?.

Crazy I know, but at least its a possible short term solution?.

  rdave13 23 Jun 12

I find no problem supplying a link if I enter my own text in the "enter text description" field.

  KRONOS the First 23 Jun 12


It is not all/every link PCAdvisor is quite selective as I have found.

  lotvic 23 Jun 12

Testing posting link to Amazon uk TP-Link PA211 AV500 Powerline Adapter - Twin Pack (these are the ones that I use) I find that they will work on an ext lead but have to plug it in nearest to the ext lead power cord or signal drops. 1st Adaptor to router is plugged in on Ring Main and 2nd one is plugged into ext cord on a separate radial from Mains Fuse Box.


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