networking xp to xp

  scoobydrew 19:55 01 Nov 03

Please can you help me??
I'm trying to connect my pc with my laptop using win xp pro.I have a PCI Ethernet 10/100 card in my pc and a built in one in my new laptop. I have a cable which is long enough to go from room to room etc. I use broadband internet which I use on my laptop and scanner/printer etc on my pc. the drivers have installed ok but when I go to the Network Connection menu It shows a red cross through the Local Area Connections icon saying cable unplugged. This is same for both computers.I have tries 2 cables from work where we use networks. Please advise me on what to do

  flecc 19:58 01 Nov 03

If you're not using a hub you need a crossover cable. The ones from work will be straight through connections only for use with a hub, as could be your own one that you're using.

You can get crossover cables marked as such from Maplins, they're always marked as Crossover or Xover.

  Rayuk 19:58 01 Nov 03

Make sure it is a crossover cable you are using.

  flecc 20:00 01 Nov 03


click here or 0870 264 6000 or their local shops.

PC World also stock these.

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