Networking XP-Pro to win 2000

I tried the disk that XP produces. but it won't work in 2000 it say's see the help files on the XP machine but they are as helpfull as a dose of the flu.

Can anyone shed any light on the subject.

Both cards(nic) are seeing each other ip's set as & 2

pings return all 4 packets on both machines

Thank [email protected]

  recap 10:42 13 Feb 04

Disable XP's firewall this may be stopping the network. Create a shared folder, then see if the network is talking if it is enable the firewall.

click here

  The Dark Sage 10:45 13 Feb 04

So you can ping each machine, so what do you want to do next? Filesharing, Internet connection sharing etc.

Are both machine in the same workgroup? Are they they the only two machines in your network? If not can other machines see each other?

so what do you want to do next? Filesharing, Yes

Internet connection sharing etc. Yes

Are both machine in the same workgroup? I don't know.

Are they they the only two machines in your network? Yes

  temp003 10:49 13 Feb 04
  temp003 10:52 13 Feb 04

If you don't know if the 2 machines are in the same workgroup, then they probably are, because by default, during the installation, both OS's call your workgroup the WORKGROUP.

Right click My Computer, Properties, network identification tab, and you can see the name.

Also, create same user accounts on both machines with same password.

Well, generally, read up on the above link, a very good step by step tutorial.

I changed the names both are now called WORKGROUP, I am able to share the BB connection, but not able to share files between the two.

2000 can see & share the files on the xp machine, but XP can't see 2000

  The Dark Sage 11:47 13 Feb 04

Is orginating from where, the XP or the win2k?

What do you get if you type net view in at a command promt on the XP machine?

BB from xp.

The list of servers is not available at this time.

  The Dark Sage 11:52 13 Feb 04

Don't have any firewall software on the 2K machine do you?

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