Networking XP Pro with W98SE

  johnem 21:52 11 Apr 04

Hi gang, back for some more help.
I have XP Pro installed on a desktop machine using dial-up connection. Everything works OK. Have set up a peer to peer network with my laptop running W98SE, network works fine,
ICS works OK. However, when I restart the XP pro machine, the network seems to disappear.
The only way I can reset the network, is to set up the home network again and run the wizard.
I have disabled "simple file sharing" to improve security.
I am running ZoneAlarm but have configured trusted zones to allow normal communication on the network. As yet I have been unable to rectify the problem. Any suggestions?

  keith-236785 22:11 11 Apr 04

one thing i found with networking and Zone Alarm is that you need to set ZA to allow ics,

i use ZA Pro so i apologise if it is different.

double click the ZA icon next to the clock, click the firewall tab

click advanced near the botom right, in the Internet Connection Sharing section, click so the "this computer is an ICS/NAT gateway and in the box underneath, choose the IP address of your desktop network connection ( for example (you can find this by opening network connections, right click the network connection, choose Status, then support.

close the za box and your system hopefully will not keep dropping the network.

restart your desktop and check if it has worked, Fingers crossed.

  johnem 22:38 11 Apr 04

Thanks Paperman, I have just followed your suggestion, unfortunately I am running the free version of ZoneAlarm and it does not appear to have the "ICS" section. What is strange is that once I run the network setup wizard, everything seems to be OK and ZoneAlarm allows normal communication. It's as if when the XP Pro machine boots up, that it changes the network "group", when I use the wizard it shows "MSHOME" as the default, maybe there is an option to reset the default to "WORKGROUP". I shall keep on tinkering, something will become clear eventually.

  johnem 14:37 12 Apr 04


  howard60 20:42 12 Apr 04

in zone alarm - firewall - set internet security to medium and trusted zone to low.

  johnem 15:23 17 Jul 04

Hi gang, I have resurrected this thread as I have now have the travelling laptop back home from Uni. Same problem still exists despite trying the advice given. Only it has now got slightly worse, in the intervening time I have upgraded Zone Alarm to version 5.590.043 and now I am unable to get Internet Connection to work either. I have tried the Network Troubleshooter, to no avail. I have used the XP pro network setup disc on the client W98SE machine, just incase there were any new files needed, not sure where to look next.

  johnem 18:52 15 Dec 04

Hi gang, have brought this back to life again, still not resolved problems.

  Kegger 19:03 15 Dec 04

how is you network connected to each other? Hardwired or wirelessly?

  Jeffers22 19:05 15 Dec 04

I had exactly the same problem. I was adding an XP machine to an existing Win98 network at home. Stupidly, I decided to keep the Win98 default of WORKGROUP and attempted to persuade XP to accept this instead of it's default of MSHOME. It took several (like over 6) goes before XP accepted the name WORKGROUP. In retrospect I felt my eagerness to remove the MS from the network name was not worth the time and trouble.

So ... jsut keeping on telling it worked for me - eventually. If doing it again I'd change the workgroup name in Win98 machine to MSHOME. Perhaps give that a try?

  johnem 10:15 16 Dec 04

Network is hard wired via cross over cable. Network used to work on ME and W98, named as "WORKGROUP" but not since the upgrade to XP Pro. have run the XP Network set up dick on W98 laptop. It is as if the XP machine only remembers the network setup whilst on, as once it is re-booted, the network features disappear. If the XP machine is left running and the laptop re-booted, network is re-established. Have temporarily disable ZoneAlarm on both machines. XP firewall is disabled. Have tried manually configuring IP addresses, to speed up recognition. Have read through the very interesting link provided by Gaz. Still not sorted out. Any further ideas.

  johnem 20:23 19 Dec 04


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