Networking XP pro

  steven_frost 20:55 15 May 03

ok i really need some major help i'm trying to network my girlfriends pc to the desktop both of us are using xp pro she usings her computer at her school on their domain need some help as it will not let me connect both pc with ICS and printer share

  jazzypop 21:13 15 May 03

I suspect that your girlfriend's PC is a laptop, and it is currently configured to login to their server.

If so, you need to setup an alternative configuration on her laptop to connect to your PC. See click here and click here

  jazzypop 21:17 15 May 03

P.S. - make sure you are using a crossover network cable (or a straight-through cable with a crossover adaptor at one end). If you are trying to use the same cable that she uses to connect to the network at school, that is almost certainly a straight-through cable, which will not work for direct PC-to-PC connection.

  steven_frost 21:51 15 May 03

the cable i'm using i brought from my local pc shop who made the cable up for me so i know its a crossover network cable i was a computer tec but never got into the network side of things just tryed the microsoft way but no luck i can ping both pc but i can access the net from the laptop or printer. the other way is simple for me to use but not for my girlfriend who has little knowalege on pc so all she needs is to plug it in and away it goes so any other advice would be great

  jazzypop 21:58 15 May 03

If you have a firewall on either PC, uninstall it, check for web access, then reinstall. Remember XP has it's own firewall.

If you can ping, as you say, you have a connection.

For further assistance with ICS, see click here

  Granger 22:34 15 May 03

Steven - search for recent thread in which AndySD and paperman helped me out with the same problem. The thread is titled something like "ICS & simple network - what have I missed?".

By the way, how do I put links in these messages?

  fitshase 22:42 15 May 03

Find the link, right click on it and select Copy Shortcut.

Come into the post and in the message box right click and select Paste.



  steven_frost 23:29 15 May 03

yea thought of that even uninstalled it firewall that is i know her laptop has no firewall installed so it thats running fine i get told thst it can see the broadband link on the desktop pc but refuses to even try to work so please help before i find very large unopen window to throw this thing out of

  keith-236785 00:01 16 May 03

i think you will find ,as Granger did earlier that your firewall is stopping the second pc from accessing the internet, i use zone alarm and had just about given up with my networked pc, when i simply checked the help files on Z A. there is a setting "this computer is an ICS/NAT Gateway" once i selected this i had no problem getting on the net with both computers.
hope this helps, AndySD also helped Granger but i feel he went a little too deep too soon however im not knocking him as he obviously knows more than me... i just like to keep things easy then get mad later lol. good luck

  BBez 00:12 16 May 03
  BBez 00:15 16 May 03

more specific...

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