Networking Windows XP Home - Logon Failure

  mjh65 08:46 11 Mar 05

I have a PC and a laptop, both running Windows XP Home updated to SP2 with all other MS Updates. They both run AVG Anti-virus and Zone Alarm Firewall. They are linked via an ADSL Modem Router. Now the problem: the Laptop can access files on the PC, but he PC cannot access files on the Laptop. When attempting the latter a message appears "Logon Failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer". I cannot say when this situation came about, as I tend to move files to and fro the computer from the laptop and not vica versa, but when I first set them up they could both access each other.
Research so far suggests I have some sort of security setting problem, which could be easily resolved if I was running XP Pro, but no matter what I do the laptop will not let the PC in.
I have done all the obvious:
- turned off the firewalls and even Windows Firewall
- given both computers identical user names and passwords
- put them on the same workgroup
- I've even swapped all the network hardware and reset the router a couple of times

I am sure someone else must have had this problem and overcome it, I just hope it's someone who reads this!!


  howard60 09:02 11 Mar 05

first there is a network help section to this site. Second try looking at the properties of the network card. control panel - system - hardware devices - select your network card and properties then advanced. the first entry should say enabled if it does not it will not work.

  mjh65 11:33 11 Mar 05

Thanks for pointing out the obvious re network forum - will post there.
Incidentally, the network adapters on both are enabled.

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