Networking Windows 7 & XP

  busybaz 15 Oct 11

If this should be in the Windows 7 Forum, moderator please advise.

Need an idiot's step by step guide, from scratch, on networking new laptop running Windows 7 x64 to old PC running Windows XP SP3. Any ideas, apart from the How To Geek link in similar threads?

I'm not a complete imbecile [CompTIA A+ Certification], but networking has never been a strongpoint [or even just a point]. Have tried everything in Windows Help, everything I could find via Google and PCA forums. This includes opening ports in McAfee firewall, downloading & installing LLTD on the XP machine.

My first ever laptop and I am finding it an almost alien beast - trying to get used to Windows 7 isn't helping either. Results so far include Laptop showing in XP network but not having access to laptop, Workgroup showing as a network in router list.

Setup Virgin cable modem attached to [ancient?] Tenda W302R router, Windows XP PC has Tenda W302U USB wireless adapter, Windows 7 Laptop Lenovo G570 [Mnfr Code: M515CUK]

I am just a short push away from wearing underpants on my head, shoving pencils up my nose and crying wibble. Any input would be appreciated before the nice men in white coats cart me off.

  Jollyjohn 15 Oct 11

I gave up! I have a linux box that can see the W7 PC and share the printer connected to the W7 PC. I can see the recorded tv folder on the w7 PC and watch stuff on my linux box but I cant access the My Documents folder on the w7 PC. The w7 PC sees nothing but itself on the network whether I am part of a home group or not. I also have a laptop WXP that can share the printer but not access folders.

So I will watch this thread with great interest to see if a solution is forthcoming!

  busybaz 01 Nov 11


See my Helproom post "Connect Windows 7 Laptop To XP PC, Anyhow!"


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