networking win98 and 2000

  g00ner 15:19 12 Oct 03

Hello, i have 3 machines i have networked. My main machine runs win2000, laptop xp and my other pc windows98se. The 2000 machine and xp 'talk' no problem at all. Everything looks ok but i cannot get the 98 machine to talk to the others! Am i missing anything in 98? The card works fine, drivers are up-to-date!
Any help would be great, thankyou!

  LastChip 15:23 12 Oct 03

Are your Win2K and XP machines formatted as NTFS? Win98 will not recognise that file system and will therefore not recognise the drives.

  g00ner 15:41 12 Oct 03

all 3 machines are fat32!

  recap 16:06 12 Oct 03

Are the IP address's ok on all machines i.e.,,

Can you ping the W98 machine from the other two and visa versa?

  LastChip 16:09 12 Oct 03

Is the Workgroup name identical on all three machines?

  g00ner 16:11 12 Oct 03

well the 2000 and xp machines automaticaly got their addresses, i am asuming the 98 machine will do the same! should i manualy input one???
i have changed the log-on to microsoft network logon, is this ok? It was on family logon!

  mrdsgs 16:11 12 Oct 03

try creating new user accounts on the 98 machines that are identical to the user name on the xp and w2000 machines.

  recap 16:17 12 Oct 03

The 98 machine will need manually setting up as you will not have DHCP.

  LastChip 16:24 12 Oct 03

The WORKGROUP name must be the SAME on all the networked machines.

The computer NAME must be UNIQUE to each machine.

  g00ner 16:30 12 Oct 03

hi, the workgroup is the same on them all.
It looks like then i need to manualy put in an ip address. Do i need the gateway as well?

  LastChip 16:41 12 Oct 03


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