Networking - Win XP pc with Win 95 - HELP!!!

  loulou72uk 15:48 21 Jan 03
  loulou72uk 15:48 21 Jan 03

Help help help! Its driving me crazy!

Do any of you more technically-minded people have any clear instructions on how to network an XP machine with a 95 machine? I can't find anything (seems to start at 98 upwards).

Going out of my mind. Losing it. Big time.

Thanks in advance.

  Stalker 16:10 21 Jan 03

I've never believed windows xp could be networked to windows 95


  AndySD 16:27 21 Jan 03

Do you want to use Internet connection sharing?

click here and have a read

Use the network wizard on XP and use the workgroup option.... make a note of the name of the workgroup you put in and the computer name. Now go Start/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt and type in


and hit return

You should see

IP Address.....

Subnet Mask .....

If so then go to the 95 pc and have a read here on settingthe 95 network up... only install TCP/IP if Netbeui or IPX/SPX are installed remove them. Now set the

IP Address.....

Subnet Mask .....

If you are using internet connection sharing from the xp pc then the

Default Gateway is

  AndySD 16:28 21 Jan 03

Ooops the second link click here

  loulou72uk 17:15 21 Jan 03

OK - i'm severely technically handicapped. I've just tried running the XP network wizard thing and it tells me there was a problem at the end and I could configure this manually.

I've just installed the netword card today and it says the cable is unplugged, though it is plugged into both machines. I assumed this would be because the network wasn't yet set up, but could this be the problem? I've tried installing the drivers again but no change.


  AndySD 17:24 21 Jan 03

Is it a Crossover cable...if not you will need to either get an addapter or ask a local pc shop if they can make it one for you.

  loulou72uk 17:27 21 Jan 03

Yes definitely a crossover cable. 100% sure of that.

thanks so far for your help....getting v. frustrated.

  AndySD 17:32 21 Jan 03

Ok then you need to check te card..... Its something I have done a few times... When putting the screw in it lifts the back of the card up sometines. Loosen the screw and push the card in.

  loulou72uk 17:38 21 Jan 03

Should i do this even if the pc recognised the new hardware directly after installation? I'll do it if you think that might be it...

  AndySD 18:01 21 Jan 03

click here you may find it usefull

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