Networking Talk Talk broadband

  jaimie 08:34 19 May 07

Having networked my own cable broadband, a friend has asked me to do this for him. He has Talk Talk with an ASDL modem which has an Ethernet output to his computer. I am proposing to feed this output from the ADSL to a Lynksky wireless/wired router by Ethernet back to his comp and also via the wireless section to his laptop. does anyone see why this shouldn't work once I've configured the router? Is the Ethernet signal from his ADSL modem just another Ethernet signal or is it different?

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  Strawballs 09:42 19 May 07

You should need to get a modem/router combined and remove his modem altogether.

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  jaimie 10:07 19 May 07

We already have the router in question, I will fit it this morningso I just wanted to know if you think this will work.

Thanks for the reply


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