Networking problem, pings to firewall irratic

  jkomendat 11 Feb 13

We have a small office a server 14 computers. For the past month its been getting worse the internet is practically unusable. For testing I would set up a continuous ping to the server and that seems to always be <1ms like it should. But when the problem happens (which is mostly) the ping to the router or firewall vary from 30 to 2800ms and it should be <1ms like to the server. I've tried replacing the firewall and network switch and the problem remains. I even get the irratic ping times to the firewall when using my laptop plugged directly into the switchport on the firewall. I believe the problem is internal because with just my laptop and the internet connection plugged into the firewall it works but as soon as I plug in the cable from the switch it happens. When I replaced the switch I tried plugging in the PC's one at a time and giving it a min or 2 with the ping running and when I would plug one in and the problem would start I would think OK maybe its something with that PC but when I'd unplug that cable the problem would remain. Can anyone help I'm stumped. Some have said it could be a virus but if so how can I find it?

  xox101 11 Feb 13

Switch overheating? Cable from router to switch or switch to laptop damaged? It sounds a lot more like a hardware problem than a software one.

  jkomendat 11 Feb 13

Like I said I tried replacing the firewall and switch and tried several cables


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