networking with NTL broadband

  mags65 14:35 20 May 05

I am connected to the net with NTL broadband but also have another computer for the kids that is not connected to the internet. Thing is they would like it to be but what I need to know is how easy is it to fix up so that they can access the net with the connection from my broadband?
Is it just a case of getting a router and connecting or am I being totally ridiculous.
Any help and info would be greatly appreciated. Ta.

  AndySD 14:38 20 May 05

Is it connected via the set top box

  mags65 14:41 20 May 05

It is connected with an NTL USB set top box although there is the facility for connecting with an ethernet cable but I just haven't got round to it yet. Would I need to do this first. (it's a silver oblong box that sits on top of my tower, if thats any help)

  AndySD 14:50 20 May 05

You will need to use the ethernet connection to a router. I use a netgear router to do exacctly what you want to do and its easy.

  mags65 15:02 20 May 05

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  bosmere 15:04 20 May 05

mags65 I did it so it can't be difficult ;-)

Do you want the PCs cabled or wireless?

  mags65 15:11 20 May 05

Would prefer them wireless thanks

  SEASHANTY 15:18 20 May 05

Some info on sharing a cable modem on Robin Walkers website click here

click here

click here

  bosmere 15:22 20 May 05

In which case, using my setup as an example, my second machine came fitted with a network card and I bought and installed a Belkin Wireless G Desktop Network card into the first machine.

I bought a Belkin Wireless G Router which plugs into the NTL socket.

Finally run the software and go (to be precise you run the software with your existing connection before plugging in the Router, but the instructions made it all simple) ;-)

  bosmere 15:28 20 May 05

ps you could connect your children's PC wirelessly to yours and they could access the internet via your PC (the gateway PC) without a Router but then only one PC could access at a time and also your PC would always have to be on for them to connect.

  mags65 15:40 20 May 05


My gigabyte motherboard says that it has Network adapter, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. Do I then still need to get a desktop network card for both PC's (the other PC has the same mohterboard) and then the router. Or can I just get a router and plug it straight in.

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