Networking NTFS & FAT32?

  hodder 01:07 19 Jun 04

I think I know what the answer is going to be, but here go's.
I have two computers, the main comp is running WinXP Home (NTFS), the second is running W98se (FAT32). I want to run a home network so that my son and I, can play games against each other. I have heard that this won't work as the NTFS will see the W98, but not the other way round.
Any ideas????????

Regards, Bob.

  hugh-265156 04:29 19 Jun 04

i may be very wrong but for network gaming there shouldnt be a problem i think providing the correct ip addresses are set up in the game and you both have a copy of said game installed.

sharing files is different and the xp computer will be able to see everything on the 98 machine but the 98 computer cant read ntfs.

as above im guessing sorry.

  temp003 07:32 19 Jun 04

When you network 2 computers, it uses a different protocol altogether. File system will not be an issue, gaming or file sharing.

  Chronos 09:46 19 Jun 04

as was said above, it makes no difference at all. i have a wireless link to a NTFS XP laptop and a win98 fat32 PC and it all works fine...

  hodder 10:39 19 Jun 04

Thank you all,
I will give it a go then, I know where to come to if anything goes wrong. Once again many thanks.

Regards, Bob.

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