Networking- Map My Documents As A Network Drive

  Forest Gump 15:57 01 Feb 03

I need some help!-
I am in desperate need of some help!

I have a home network with 2 pc's-1 runs Windows 98SE and the other runs Windows XP Home. On my 98SE computer I would like to map My Documents as a network drive. I have noticed that I have two copies of My Documents-1 in the C drive and the other in Windows. Do I only have to map the copy of My Documents as a network drive located on the C drive or do I also have to map the copy of My Documents as a network drive located in the Windows folder?

Thanks for your help

  pj123 16:06 01 Feb 03

Its a long time now since I mapped anything on a network - due to retirement a few years ago. But I think you only need the map the whole of Drive C: and the other PC will have access to everything on it. It should come up as the next drive letter on the other PC. If I have got it wrong someone will correct me I am sure.


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