Networking with a laptop and a PC

  Sidetrax 20:56 27 Mar 06

Ive jsut bought a new laptop and I want to connect it to one of my two PCs so it can go on the internet.
Ive got a straight through cable from the router to my PC and a cross-over to the laptop, now Im no good with all the IP addreses and stuff so any help as to why its not connecting would be great thanks :)

  recap 22:51 27 Mar 06

This click here should help you configure your network.

  mgmcc 00:02 28 Mar 06

If you have a router, why do you want to connect the laptop to one of the PCs by crossover cable instead of connecting it directly to the router as well?

What you are trying to do should work, but the router must operate in a different subnet (IP address range) from "Internet Connection Sharing" which uses

I assume one of the PCs has two network adapters installed - one to the router for its internet access and a second to the laptop? That being the case, you need to enable ICS on the adapter that connects to the internet. This will automatically configure the second netwok adapter (that connects to the laptop) with the IP address The laptop's network adapter should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "host" PC. It will also get an address in the subnet.

The router's IP address, and the range in which it allocates addresses, must be in a different subnet from that used in the ICS arrangement between "host" and "client", otherwise there will be a conflict. The third 'octet' of the IP addresses must be something other than "0", i.e. or etc.

  Sidetrax 01:21 28 Mar 06

Great guides, got it to work. Thanks for the help guys

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