networking help.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 17:06 02 Dec 03

hi i have just purchased a linksys etherfast cable/dsl router 4-port switch. I have got internet sharing very well. But i want to know how to view the other computer connected to the network, it is using windows ME and i cant seem to get it to work and to share files too. mine is running win xp pro. thanks all.

  AndySD 18:04 02 Dec 03

click here or click here and have a read.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 18:24 02 Dec 03

thanks AndySD will have a read. and give some feedback soon.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 19:03 02 Dec 03

doesnt seem to have specific problems im having. first of all, in the network places i cant access the workgroup pcs, and i dont even know where the other pc is this is on the windows xp pro one. and on the windows me i cant see any computer on there.

  A_World_Maker 19:09 02 Dec 03

XP by default calls 'groups' of computers on a network MSHOME, however other versions of windows call the groups MSGROUP, make sure you are logging into the same group and every computer on the network is called the same.

Thats a start

  Mr_Nice_Guy 19:11 02 Dec 03

im thinking of installing xp pro on the me machine now. will do that over the week, and tell you how it goes.

  AndySD 21:33 02 Dec 03

Have you tried running the xp networking wizard then using the floppy made to connect the ME PC. Also do you have any firewalls running on either pc?

  Mr_Nice_Guy 22:44 02 Dec 03

yes i do have firewalls runing on both pcs, should i have turned them off. thanks. and i have also run the netowkr setup on the xp machine and used a network floppy disk to install on the me machine. maybe it is the firewall.

the firewall is very likely to be the problem but are you actually 'logged on' to the ME machine, you need to enter your network password, if you just booted the machine and bypassed the log in box ( the default behavior of ME) you will not be able to use the network.

  Mr_Nice_Guy 23:31 02 Dec 03

No. there is just the login system for the ME itself, as a seperate user on the computer.there was no network log in. How do i set that up?

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