networking aol broadband

  colcol 09:55 22 Jan 04

I have 2 desktops networked both running wxp home. one pc is connected to aol broadband. I can connect to aol broadband from the second pc. I know this because I get a box telling me I am connected.
my problem is that I cant work out how to actually access aol on the second pc.
if I click on aol on the second pc it tries to connect itself over broadband or dialup.
if I try through internet explorer the same happens.
do I need to uninstall the aol broadband software on the second pc and remove the dialup phone numbers?
at present, either pc can access aol broadband by switching the usb connector from one pc to the other.

  smegs 10:40 22 Jan 04

click here have a look here. Sorry it's only for Xp. U don't say what Ur OS is.

  tazzo85 10:47 22 Jan 04

when u double click AOL, have u clicked on "setup" and then when it searches for something to connect to, click the ISP/LAN instead of Modem. This worked for me, im sorry if you have already done this but its the only thing i can think of :s

  colcol 12:27 22 Jan 04

hi guys - tks for suggestions. have looked at both and fiddled with settings for an hour and am no further forward. this is a factor of my stupidity not the advice given. any more suggestions pse?

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