hgrock 14:11 28 Apr 03

i have 2 machines connected via a linksys router, both can use the broadband connection independant of each other or together dont have to have the main one turned on to use the other,
i did not configure a network so there is none neither machine can see the other, problem is i want to use the printer via any pc that is connected to one machine, do i have to configure a network and would that mean 1 machine becomming the server and would need to be turned on in order to use the other? don't want to try in case it buggers up things
any help would be graetfully recieved,

PS this site has got so slow to navigate or is it my pc

  DaddyBear 14:14 28 Apr 03

Have a look on the back of your router, it may have a serial port which you can plumb the printer straight into, negating the need for a network setup. Any Help?


  hgrock 14:50 28 Apr 03

nothing like that on the router, the reason i didn't network was having to turn on both pcs, the router with the mac address clone avoided that

  Lozzy 15:05 28 Apr 03

If you want to use the printer on either you would need to set up a network. On the other hand if you didn't want to do that buy a switch box for the printer cable you would then have a A and B for either PC..

  vinnyo123 17:15 28 Apr 03

if you set up a network peer to peer ( no server ) you do not have to have both on you can use them independent from each other ,but for the printer the pc that shares it must be on ,,unless the printer has its on nic ,or look into a print sever from linksys,

  hgrock 18:29 28 Apr 03

thanke mate that sounds like the only way round this

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