Carl_booth 16:15 13 Jan 03
  Carl_booth 16:15 13 Jan 03

I want to network my laptop and dektop PC's together. Could someone explain what hardware and software I need, how much it will cost and how i go about setting up a network. Both the laptop and the PC use Windows XP Pro and neither have a netwrok card. The laptop has a PC card slot and the desktop has 5 spare PCI slots. I am unsure which sort of netwrok card to get, as there are so many.

  Carl_booth 16:16 13 Jan 03

Appologies for all the typos

  cherria 16:22 13 Jan 03

2 options

Ethernet cards in both PC and laptop £15 and £20 respectively (from ebay)

1 cross over ethernet cable (no idea on cost but can't be more than £5)


If you already have a Firewire IEEE1394 port in the desktop, add one to the laptop (about £40 from ebay) and a firewire cable.

In all cases, XP should prompt you to take the appropriate actions to set up your network. Just make sure you use the same workgroup name in each case.

  Carl_booth 16:28 13 Jan 03

what happens when I plug the network in for the first time? What software do i need to use?

  cherria 17:02 13 Jan 03

When you install the ethernet card for the first time, XP will spot this and prompt you to set up networking on that machine. Likewise for the other machine. Plug in cable reboot both machines and each machine will appear in the network neighbourhood in explorer and every other app. You can then access the other PC as if it were a drive on the PC you are using.

You may want to choose which specific directories you make sharable on each machine or simply share the entire drive of both.

No additional software required, its all in XP

  Carl_booth 17:05 13 Jan 03

Thankyou cherria

  jazzypop 17:11 13 Jan 03

Step-by-step guide - click here

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