networking 2 PC's pleas help i've been going mad

  riathamus 19:49 27 Dec 03

I have two PC's and I would like to be able to print using the other computer and scan using the other computer and i would also like to use the internet using the other computer i have read many articles and i am so confused. both my PC's are running windows XP. and i would like to use wireless. my internet is NTL cable broadband at about 500k internet speed i hope that is most of the info that you need to know.
any help would be greatly appreciated

  hugh-265156 20:02 27 Dec 03

i have no experience of networks myself sorry but this site will give you all the info you need click here also see this link click here

  A15 21:51 27 Dec 03

I have NTL 600k broadband & network between two machines (XP home & 2000). I use a wired router as my two machines are quite close together, but as I understand it, most router's whether wired or wireless work in pretty much the same way.

Read some review's on wireless routers & decide which one suits you & your budget best. PC World used to do a kit which included a wireless router & two access points (USB) for around £100. I don't know if that offer is still around. NTL also have a wireless networking kit, which you can find out more about on their website.

Once you get your router, you will have to follow it's instructions for that particular models setup, but essentially you will:

Connect up the equipment, enter the setup page (usually through an internal ip address), clone the mac address of your network card & hopefully enjoy shared broadband.

I also share my printer through my router, but as I do not have a network interface on my printer the main PC does have to be switched on to be able to print from the secondary PC. I also have a scanner on my all-in-one printer but have not tried sharing that, although it does sound like an interesting experiment!

When I first started sharing my broadband connection, I knew nothing about networking, & still only know a fraction of the information that's out there, but have found it to be a very worthwhile & entertaining project. There are some great websites about networking & I am sure you will get many good suggestions on this forum.

Best of luck with getting it all up & running.

  A15 21:56 27 Dec 03

Further to my references about networking sites:
click here
& for more info on NTL networking:
click here

  riathamus 12:56 30 Dec 03

thanks for all the help guys i have read all of your comments and have tried all of the links and they have all helped alot i will tell you if it all goes successfully thankyou

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