Networking 2 PC's with different operating systems

  Jim Sadler 12:19 07 Jan 04

I have 2 desktop computers which I hope to network through a wired system. One of the computers runs Windows XP Home using the NTFS filing system and the other runs Windows Me using the FAT32 filing system. The XP computer has the modem installed whilst the Me machine has no modem. There is a possibility I may wish to sometimes connect to the internet using the Me machine.
!) Will there be communication problems between the machines because they are using different filing systems? 2) Were I to use the Me machine to connect to the internet through the XP computer, would the Norton Internet Security suite installed in the XP machine cover the Me computer which has no anti virus installed?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Jim Sadler

  Terrahawk 13:07 07 Jan 04

you could go the crossover cable route you would require 2x network card 1x crossover cable
1x floppy disk.

Downside both machines would need to be on to share internet connection, not really viable if you are on 56k dial up

as for anti virus for ME machine you will need it if you are connecting to the internet

these are free for non comercial use click here click here

If you are on 56k modems are relativly cheap these days so it may be an option to install one on the ME machine

  leo49 13:15 07 Jan 04

The XP machine with the modem would also have to be on for ME to access the Internet.

And the ME PC obviously won't be able to "see" files on the NTFS machine.

  Terrahawk 13:25 07 Jan 04

the me machine will be able to see shared files on the xp machine across a network as will the xp machine see shared files on the me machine

  Sir Radfordin 13:30 07 Jan 04

1) You should install some form of Anti Virus on the ME machine - AVG is free.

2) Windows ME can not see an NTFS partition. So you would only be able to transfer from XP to ME and not from ME to XP.

3) You will be able to use ICS from the XP machine to allow the ME one to connect to the internet.

4) Using a cross over cable will allow you to connect the two computers without a hub.

  leo49 13:30 07 Jan 04

Is this a special property of "shared files" on a Network? - I was always under the impression that FAT32 OS's couldn't see NTFS.

  Terrahawk 13:33 07 Jan 04

well i have used win98se which is fat32 and win xp ntfs on a crossover network and transfered files between the two so i dont see why the same shouldnt apply to me

  soy 13:44 07 Jan 04

1) There shouldn't be any communication problems regarding Internet access.

2) If you access the internet through the XP machine which already has Firewall, then the ME machine will be protected against hack attempts etc. However, it won't be protected by Viruses you download or open via email etc. You will need a separate antivirus application to protect against this.

Leo49, Shared folders can be shared and seen from any OS on the network. A FAT32 machine cannot browse the contents of an XP's hard drive, Only the contents of the shared folders. I had an XP and 98SE networked before and sharing files worked perfectly. I could see the 98's shared folder and it could see mine.

  leo49 13:53 07 Jan 04

Can you explain how this is possible? I just don't see how it can work unless the shared folders are on a FAT32 partition. I would genuinely like to know the reason.

  Legolas 14:12 07 Jan 04

leo49 I dont know the technicalities but I have XP NTFS networked to a machine running 98se FAT32 and can see all files that are shared, so their seems to be no problem between them.

  leo49 14:15 07 Jan 04

Fair enough,I stand corrected and I'm just going to fire up my other PC and have a look see.Hopefully spikeychris will enlighten me.

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