Networking 2 computers with NTL broadband

  j-210936 11:38 20 Jan 04

I have 2 computers both running XP. I want to network them together using a Belkin USB/Ethernet adapter on the main computer and the 2nd computer has an inbuilt network card. I also have a Linskys 4 port router and the cabling. I seem to have set up the computers but I cannot get the internet to work! Do I have to reinstall NTL? (I have tried but can't even find it in add/remove programs or anywhere else).
Any advise from someone who has setup a similar network would be great, thanks

  recap 11:48 20 Jan 04

Check that the built in Firewalls are disabled whilst setting up your connection.

Have you set up IIS (Internet Information Services)?

  j-210936 11:59 20 Jan 04

I did disable the firewalls etc
Sorry what do you mean by IIS?

  recap 16:07 20 Jan 04

Sorry for the delay in relying janalice, if you click here you will see a guide as to how to install IIS on an XP Pro machine.

  recap 16:09 20 Jan 04

that should read: sorry for the delay in replying not relying.

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