esl_webber 15:33 18 Aug 03

Hi, I need to network 7 computers which at the moment are all linked seperatly to a hub and then to the internet, for security and ease I would like to have another computer to work as a server for internet connection and to store shared files, can anyone advise me as to how difficult this would be and if it is advisable.

  Taff36 15:43 18 Aug 03

You have just described our system in your wish list. Just I`m never quite sure we have quite got Utopia. 10 computers now linked to a server that uses Winproxy to connect to the internet via ADSL. Winproxy (Up to 10 user license) handles each individuals e-mail address and delivers mail to everyone. It also allows you to keep track of Internet use if you`re bothered.

Getting everyone to store company data to the server is a bit of a nightmare - people still want their own private copies stored locally. Suggest you add a removable storage device for daily backups and alternate 2 devices. Maxtor do some good 40Gb ones.

Finally if you don`t have the expertise in house get someone to fully spec it and commission it.

  spikeychris 15:44 18 Aug 03

Not only advisable it makes sense. Not difficult to do, you will need a router (better than a hub as its intelligent) cat5 straight cable and server software. A UPS is essential as well, what are the clients running?

  AndySD 15:45 18 Aug 03

Is it a small office and does it have broadband?

My Advice would be to get a router with either a built in firewall of buy a seperate firewall.

Then connect the Router/firewall to the hub ..... allowing all the pc's access to the net.

Attach a seperate pc with its own software firewall (dependent on your O/S) as your file server to the hub.

  zoomer 15:53 18 Aug 03

spikeychris is on the ball........thats the proper way to go.......

  esl_webber 16:16 18 Aug 03

spikeychris - we are running windows XP - is that what you wanted to know? and UPS?? my pc tech knowledge is not very good

  Taff36 16:27 18 Aug 03

Hope it`s XP Pro on all machines - put it on your wish list (& your budget if you need upgrades.)Agree with the router from Spikey Chris.

  esl_webber 16:39 18 Aug 03

any suggestions on good server software?

  spikeychris 17:50 18 Aug 03

If you have XP then your laughing and if its Pro and you could give up a client then you would not even have to buy another machine. You could turn one of them into a sever using the built in XP Pro tools.

UPS, interruptible power supply >> big battery that will keep the machine up long enough if you have a New York moment. They tend to only run for 10-15 minutes but its long enough to turn off the server the correct way, that is something you will have to keep in mind, the server will control the clients so its imperative that it shuts down correctly.

You can also store files locally as well as server side and control what users can and cant do using the admin tools.


  spikeychris 18:35 18 Aug 03

What do you find difficult about that?

  spikeychris 18:52 18 Aug 03

You can use a desktop computer as a server. You dedicate one computer as a server, install Windows XP Professional on it, and tweak it to whatever purpose you have in mind. If your thing is an Internet gateway, use Internet Connection Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall. As a resource server, Windows XP works fine for file and printer sharing.

What you don?t get is authentication or any of the traditional server features but esl_webber has already said he wants it for, quote ?I would like to have another computer to work as a server for internet connection and to store shared files,? if all you?re after is a central place to store your files and run the net then it will work fine.

You can also create a roaming or mandatory profile such as \\ServerName\ProfilesFolderName\UserProfileName

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