Network/broadband speeds

  gazamanga 14:38 31 Oct 07


Just moved and went for 4MB Virgin Media cable broadband. Got a D-link Wireless N router and usb adapter.

All seem to be working well.

However interested to understand the relationship between the broadband link and the router speed.

used an online broadband speed checker and it came in at around 3.7Mb... the wireless link is running at 270Mbps.

Can someone explain the relationship there? is was it worth me going for 4Mb instead of 2? If I went for 6 would it be faster still? I work from home alot hence the need for speed.

I've searched the web for an explanation but failed to find one.


  Taff™ 17:22 31 Oct 07

bump - please don`t post back!

  gazamanga 13:50 01 Nov 07

lol.. very friendly.. and what did I do to deserve that? not the best of welcomes.. sorry if I somehow offended someone!

  pchelper001 18:20 01 Nov 07

i dont really get what you mean. if you mean why does my network have speeds of 270mbps and the internet is 3.4mbps, then it means the speed the data gets to your pc via wireless is 270mbps, so really you could get broadband at speeds of 270mbps if it ever comes out, through your connection.

  Taff™ 09:43 02 Nov 07

My apologies - I didn`t mean to post quite like that! At the time the Networking Forum had been hit by a spammer with six or so advertising threads. I was trying to keep them together and force them off the first page whilst waiting for the Forum Editor to delete them permanently.

I think pchelper001 has answered your query but please post back if you need further clarification.

  gazamanga 13:56 02 Nov 07

Thanks Taff - thats a relief! hoped it was something like that.

I think I've made my question overly complex (probably because I don't know what I'm talking about!)

Basically - I have no idea how that 270Mbps is related to the 4MB broadband that I'm paying for.

  pchelper001 17:54 02 Nov 07

basically it means your router would be able to handle speeds of 270mbps, a plain simple answer.

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