Network wont Work please Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I have a netgear RP114 Router and Blueyonder broadband and I cant get the internet to work at all when the cable modem is plugged into the router I would be grateful for any help

  eccomputers 14:31 15 May 03

why are you plugging a modem into a modem?
Can you explain the setup a bit more please, what do you use the netgear router for when you have a cable modem?

If you are plugging the cable modem into the router thinking it will see the internet through the router this is wrong, it wont.

Are you trying to have 2 internet connections on the same network?

I am Using a router because I am trying to connect to computers to my broadband connection

I me Two not to! lol

  Steven135 14:44 15 May 03

Have you registered the routers MAC address with Blueyonder?

Yes I did that yesterday! Tried everything I can think of! I am having other probs with my "new" pc too it keeps rebooting and sometimes turns itself on!

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