Network Unplugged

  KenBuck 16:01 09 Feb 11

I'm running a P4, 3ghz on XP Sp3 and I have a permanent message on the task bar telling me that a "Network cable is unplugged". Of course the cable IS plugged in, have changed the cable, reinstalled everything relevant, tried all the usual "solutions" to no effect, LAN connection is through a Realtek RTL8169/8110 Gigabit Ethernet NIC into a Belkin router with two other computers connected (one wired and 1 wireless) to a Zyxal modem - both working fine.
Device Manager on the P4 reports the Network adapter as working properly. Have been reading PCAdvisor for about 6 years, so am relying on you for a solution! Ken Buck

  Pineman100 17:32 09 Feb 11

Did you install the network card yourself? If so, is there any chance that there are now two network cards in the computer?

  QuizMan 17:40 09 Feb 11

It is a while since I used XP, but I recall I had a similar message on my PC. In my case, I had two LAN sockets on my motherboard (unlike you who is using a NIC). I got the same message in relation to whichever LAN port was not connected to my router. I just ignored it, although it was a minor irritant.

As Pineman100 asks, do you have more than one LAN connectors?

  KenBuck 13:55 14 Feb 11

LAN is integrated into Mother board and is working, but still reports cable unplugged and I cannot solve. I have now installed a LAN card in a PCI slot and it works perfectly, so will abandon the integrated LAN. Still would like to know why it doen't work though.

  Pineman100 19:05 16 Feb 11

If you have two LAN cards (in effect), but are only using one of them, that explains why you keep getting the "network cable is unplugged" report.

My old XP computer had an ethernet card fitted, but I used a USB wireless adaptor to network with my router. The network card reported "network cable is unplugged" every time I used the computer!

I just ignored it.

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