Network Traffic

  menorcarob2 09:30 30 Nov 04

i have two computers networked, both win xp pro, both work ok via the network but there is a constant stream of data back and forward when nobody is using the pc,s i have run adaware with the latest updates and it found problems, but it has not cured the data transfer.


  recap 09:42 30 Nov 04

click here it may give you some insight into what the traffic is and what is needed to be running?

  menorcarob2 10:41 30 Nov 04

wow what a job i will try all of these and let you know thanks

  menorcarob2 14:10 03 Dec 04

did the whole list and still it is sending and recieving

  gunmender 14:34 03 Dec 04

you will get some traffic as the machines are checking the link and are you sharing files across the link?

  recap 14:45 03 Dec 04

As gunmender say's "you will get some traffic as the machines are checking the link". It is normal traffic for a network.

Check the Performance: Ctrl+Alt+Delete open the Task Manager, click the Performance tab, this will show you the CPU usage and Memory Usage.

  menorcarob2 14:54 03 Dec 04

this is not checking traffic, this is two solid tv screens on the connection icon, lets say 2gb's in say three hours or so.

  gunmender 15:10 03 Dec 04

if the 2 pcs are not on any other network other than the link to each other then do you have the briefcase enabled via the OS? may be the whole hd is stabalising through the link.
Are you using a router or direct cable?

  menorcarob2 15:54 03 Dec 04

how do i check if the breifcase is enabled? they are both connected to a five port ethernet hub.

  gunmender 16:44 03 Dec 04

the briefcase is part of the windows its shown by an icon of one, no icon chances are no program running.
the 5 port hub isnt net enabled?
if so does the network traffic persist if the internet is unplugged, {thinking you may be hijacked and being used as an alias for some scum to hide behind! not trying to worry you....{:-(

there is no wi fi links???

  menorcarob2 18:09 03 Dec 04

well when i disconnect the web it does not stop the traffic, i have run adaware and spybot and it is still the same.


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