Network Setup Query / Advice

  bokvis 10:08 28 Apr 09

I have 3 laptop computers
Sony Vaio - Vista
Toshiba Satellite Pro - XP
Advent - XP
BT Business Hub

We need to create a central database / storage facility between these 3 laptops which will enable us to fileshare etc.

Senario 1. I create order in excel i.e. Order no.100 on the Vaio, if someone else needs to create a subsequent order on another laptop - they would need to see that i have already taken the order reference no.100 and now create no.101.

Senario 2. If one of the laptops is taken out the office - the other 2 laptops will need to have access to the files from the "missing" laptop - hence central database / storage requirement.

I have had 2 people come to see me saying i need a server and a network set in the region of £5000.00 - £11000

Surely this is a fairly simple requirement....appreciate any comments or assistance / guidance
Thank you

  brundle 14:25 28 Apr 09

Share a single folder on a NAS drive ( click here) between all machines and/or install Dropbox ( click here ) - it's described as a Beta but I've been using it for months to keep a shared folder on my home PC and work laptop synced and it's never caused a problem.

  Forum Editor 19:04 28 Apr 09

from Absolute beginners.

  bokvis 20:43 28 Apr 09

Thank you for the speedy response.

Ok so i have read your links and it seems the NAS drive is the way to go which will provide me with the capability to acheive file share between 3 laptops

Thank you very much for your support / advice


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