Network setup problems

  Demonikol 16:00 05 Jan 03
  Demonikol 16:00 05 Jan 03

Im having problems setting up a home network for internet connection sharing. I have 2 network cards both are installed correctly and the network cable is plugged into both computers that are on windows xp roffesional. The host computer says a network cable is unplugged is there something that i am missing?

  recap 16:08 05 Jan 03

Demonikol, Is the NIC cards recognised? If not make sure they are seated correctly.

Try another cable.

  AndySD 16:13 05 Jan 03

Is it a crossover cable?

  Demonikol 16:14 05 Jan 03

yes they have both been recognised as sis 9600 pci fast ethernet adpters i have tried 2 cables and i get the same error message each time. i have run the networking wizard and it says it is fine but i get the message that "a network cable is unplugged" any help would be appreciated.

  Demonikol 16:16 05 Jan 03

how can i tell if it is a crossover cable? It has no writing on it and the guy told my friends dad that it was the cable he needed.

  recap 16:22 05 Jan 03

click here and I hope this doesn't confuse you too much Demonikol.

  ajm 16:27 05 Jan 03

Looks like the settings for Local Area connection is disabled. right click on the My Network Places and Properties and then right click on Local area Connection, and then Enable. this should resolve the problem. Let us know how it goes

  AndySD 16:28 05 Jan 03

click here then look at the colour of the cables entering the connector.

  Demonikol 16:36 05 Jan 03

it is already enabled but i think i may have a conventional ethernet cable not a crossover cable what is the difference?????

  ajm 16:37 05 Jan 03

a cross over cable connects two machines together without the use of a hub. a convention ethernet cable uses a hub in the middle

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