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  Murf 14:31 11 Aug 04

i have NTL cable broadband in my house and want to share it between my desktop pc and my laptop.
both pc's have network cards and i have a standard network hub (not a router).
my cable modem output is a standard ethernet cable.
My question is whether i can network the two pc's using the hub and share a broadband connection between them by plugging the output of the cable modem into one of the hub ports.

i know i can use internet sharing but i would like to use the internet on the laptop without having the desktop switched on all the time.

thanks in advance!

  AndySD 14:45 11 Aug 04

As far as I know you cannot do this with a hub. You will need a router or by using ICS.

  johnsims 14:53 11 Aug 04

A hub is a "dumb" device that merely takes the traffic through. If your laptop is configured to access your BB connection with the same settings, user name and password as the PC, you should be OK. Set it up and try.

  johnsims 14:58 11 Aug 04

Thinking further about this, I am not so sure, but I would still give it a try. A hub is after all primarily a way of extending a network. If you can use a router that would certainly be the best solution as per AndySd's post.

  Legolas 15:00 11 Aug 04

A Hub will not save the DCHP address needed for you to connnect to the Internet unless the hub has a WAN port.

You can connect the two without either hub or router using a length of crossover cable conected between network cards.

The downside of this type of network is that the computer attached to the modem must be on to allow access to the Internet from the remote computer in your case your laptop.

If you want to access the Internet from your laptop without the other computer being on you will need to use a router and a length of cat5 cable.

  Murf 20:33 11 Aug 04

cheers everyone, guess i'll have to shell out for a router. hmm, might be time for wi-fi :-)

  Murf 09:16 31 Aug 04

just a thought, my hub has an uplink port. what is this for and could i plug the network cable from my modem into this and then share the connection this way??

  Legolas 10:22 07 Sep 04

click here The uplink port is for connecting two switches/hubs together and does not act in the same way as a WAN port i.e. it will not save the DCHP address.

  hellred 20:37 07 Sep 04

Some call it a hub when its a switch others call it a switch when its a hub.

Connect the Cable Modem to the Wan port connect all Pc's to the other ports/ set the browser to connect via LAN and that is it !!!!!!!!!!

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