Network To a PS3 Via Mains Plugs

  Input Overload 12:27 06 Mar 12

My problem is I am using a Play Station 3 for streaming at the moment via wireless, however this is problematic due to where the Play Station is and a huge thick granite chimney directly behind it. I've tried it with a long network lead & it works perfectly, I can't move the Virgin router.

I have also had orders from a higher authority than has removed any possibility of running a cable from the cable router to the PS so I'm thinking of using the mains plug network adapters that seem pretty common.

Has anyone had experience of these devices, if so do they work well & are they consistent? Has anyone used them with a PS3 for video streaming. I have plenty of bandwidth available. The adapters will be running on the same ring main.

Any tips or ideas would be most helpful as I have never used them, any models that work well also be helpful also.

Thank you.

  northumbria61 12:48 06 Mar 12

Can I use my Play Station 2 (PS2) & Play Station 3 (PS3) with HomePlug?

Yes you will need a network adapter available from Sony for the PS2 see Amazon or another online retailer for the adaptor - PS3 will work without the adaptor.

  Nontek 12:54 06 Mar 12

I have been using Homeplugs for some time now, though not with PS, they are however totally brilliant IMHO.

  100andthirty 20:30 06 Mar 12

I am using 200mbps home plugs to run my PS3, (and by the way a TV, Two PC's and an XBox). I also use wireless. They're fine.

I use eBuyer's extravalue products but these look good:

  Input Overload 22:11 06 Mar 12

Bought a couple & just as good as wired, brilliant, best thing since sliced bread.

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