network printing

  atter 22 Dec 11

we cannot get our wirelessly connected laptops to print on the kodak ESP 3250 printer which is conneceted to and works normally from our main computer running windows 7

  difarn 22 Dec 11

Are all of your PC's in a network? If so then you have to set permissions for sharing.

Do you have a router which has a usb connection for a printer? If so you could try to put your printer through the router and it should be available to all on the network To do this you will have to give your printer the same IP address as your router (something like 192.168.x.x).

  onthelimit1 22 Dec 11

Are the laptops XP, as they can be difficult to connect to a W7 driven printer?

  atter 22 Dec 11

thank you-the laptops are running vista-we have tried putting the printer through the router as suggested but still cant get the computers to recognise it. there may be an issue with the mcaffee firewall which we cant yet solve.

  difarn 22 Dec 11

You may well be right about Mcaffee - have you tried disabling it while you try to connect?

Have a look at this article about printer sharing and how to set up different pc's in a network.

on Windows 7, check this.. start menu | devices and printers | right click on printer icon | printer properties | select the "security" tab

make sure "everyone" is listed there, if not, click add, type in "everyone" (no quotes) and hit OK, then hit OK again.

next, go to control panel | network and internet | network and sharing center | on the left side, look for "change advanced sharing settings"

under "home or work" which should be your current profile (if not, fix that), and ensure that network discovery is on, file and printer sharing is on, scroll down to the 2nd last entry, and turn OFF password protected sharing.

note that this will allow ANYONE on your home network to print to your windows 7 connected printer.

Another thing to check is the printer driver - has it been updated? Have you made sure that there are drivers available compatible with your Vista machines? Have a look at this article which may help you.


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