Network or use wireless.

  Rossi#1 16:46 07 Sep 06

This might sound like a stupid question to all you pros but I have two PCs here on with XP and one with 98.Can I link them together into a mini network or should I just make use of this wireless modem/router.
Also,is there a software that can create a new partition without the need to format?

  FelixTCat 16:57 07 Sep 06


Not quite sure what you are asking. The best way of linking them together into a mini network would be to use your router. You can network Win98 pcs with Win XP pcs.

If you are asking whether you can use wireless as well or instead of a wired network, yes you can.

And yes, you can repartition hard drives without the need to format. The best known one is Partition Magic, a commercial program, but there may be freeware ones as well. ALWAYS back up your files before repartitioning a drive.



  Rossi#1 17:08 07 Sep 06

So I can set up the 98 wirelessly to the router then link it up with the XP through the router?
Im supposed to learning all this but as you can see the networking stuff isnt sinking in.

  FelixTCat 19:28 07 Sep 06


Yes, then you can share the internet, files and printers between all the pcs on the network.

What I would suggest is that you set this up stage by stage. First, connect each pc to the router (wired or wireless), then get each pc to access the internet through the outer and finally set up the sharing. Make sure each works before moving on to the next.



  Rossi#1 20:23 07 Sep 06

Will do.

Thanks Felix.

  terryf 20:28 07 Sep 06

xp has a wizard for networking, click on an empty part of the desk-top and press the F1 key then put networking wizard in search box

  Rossi#1 11:50 08 Sep 06

Ive hit a snag now.Im made way through installing the adapter but now Windows requires the installation disc.I dont have one.
Anyone know where I can pick up a freebie?

  FelixTCat 11:57 08 Sep 06


Go on, give us a clue! What are you trying to install?



  Rossi#1 12:01 08 Sep 06

The wireless USB adapter on to the old 98 machine so I can connect to the router.

  FelixTCat 12:07 08 Sep 06


Make and model? Should be on a label on it.



  Rossi#1 12:10 08 Sep 06

If you mean the PC its an Ashgrove Orion 32x.
If you mean the router etc its a D-Link DSL-G624T

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