Network Nightmare

  billbod 09:05 12 Nov 04

I have installed a mentor broadband router and connected 2 computers to it,both running winxp sp1.Both computers can access the internet and seem to be working fine.My computer is the lead computer.My wifes computer can access my files and printer ,but and heres my problem i cannot see her computer .i am running nortons internet security which i have allowed access to wifes ip address She can ping mine but hers is playing hide and seek.My wife also has nortons firewall and ive put my ip address in the trusted zone.Both computers have guest user accounts on,im pretty new to networking ie 1 day so any help would be great as long as its walk through fashion thanks in advance

  Gaz 25 09:19 12 Nov 04
  billbod 10:35 12 Nov 04

Thanks gary but i have been able to get the internet working on the 2 computers without any problems.My problem is my wifes computer sees my computer,but mine does not see hers ie she can access my documents and printer,but i cannot see her computer in my network places

  Gaz 25 14:36 12 Nov 04

have any shares?
If not, then you wont be able to see her computer.

  billbod 16:39 12 Nov 04

Yea she has at least 4 folders that are supposed to be sharing

  hillybilly 18:16 12 Nov 04

Are you a user on your wife's pc or are just trying with the guest account?

Try creating an account on your wife's pc with the same username and password as you use on your own.

Please do not ask why it happens, but I suggest that you right-click the network icon select Open and go through the 'Setup a Home or Small Office Network' once more for both computers.

You might find that one or the other is not on the same workgroup name. I have had my 3 computers netwroked and talking to each other for some time yet only today I could not get into the laptop and had to reset the Workgroup name.

HTH :-)

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