network with netgear dg834g

  mattymc 19:35 21 Feb 06

I have a netgear dg834g and connected to it is a laptop and a pc. The laptop is wireles and the pc using an ethernet connection, both access the internet fine and i have run file sharing wizards on both systems but they don't network via the router. The manual says i need to enable the infrastructure mode but can' find where that is in the settings page. Has anyone any ideas or experience of similar?

  keewaa 19:50 21 Feb 06

It's usually on the laptop configuration.

XP pro or Home?

  mattymc 19:53 21 Feb 06

xp home, where would i find the setting on the laptop?

  keewaa 20:02 21 Feb 06

Within the wireless software or within windows wireless software in the control panel.

  mattymc 20:29 21 Feb 06

trying to find it but struggling, have you used the netgear stuff to know what to look for on the setup menus?

  keewaa 21:14 21 Feb 06

It's not in the Netgear configuration, don't log into the DG834, look in the control panel of the laptop and in the wireless devive utility.

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