network message sending.

  Alf58 22:23 14 Aug 05

I have three networked computers on a wired network. I read somewhere that it is possible to send a message from one networked machine to another but I cant remember the details. Anyone know how it is done? Two of my machines are Win Xp and the other is Win Me.

  Taff36 23:57 14 Aug 05

In the old days it used to be click here

  Taff36 00:18 15 Aug 05

If you type winpopup into google you get hundreds of different offerings like this one click here which seems quite reasonable at less than £10 per user and a free trial. I`d hang around though - there`s got to be a freeware product somewhere.

  Taff36 00:26 15 Aug 05

click here I should still wait for a recommendation though.

  Alf58 00:39 15 Aug 05

Thanks for the information. Some interesting stuff. I just had a vague idea that there was a similar popup mechanism built into Win Xp and it was just a question of working out how to configure it.

  recap 10:51 15 Aug 05

I think what you are talking about Alf58, is the "Net Send" command. Open a command prompt and type the following syntax.

net send
{name ¦ * ¦ /domain:[name] /users} message

You could use the ip address of the machine you want to send a message to if you know it, rather than the persons name. This is more accurate especially it there are say two Johns logged in at the same time.

  Alf58 21:23 15 Aug 05

Couldnt get my head round all that syntax, recap. Winchat looked promising but I got the no response message even though I knew the person I was writing to was on line.

Thanks fo the efforts.

  zarobian 08:36 17 Aug 05

I remember we use to send messages to each other on the network using "Microsoft Netmeeting". I think Netmeeting is now not available on Windows XP.

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