Network fiasco - please help!

  tankgirlsmum 11:56 03 May 03

We have 2 pcs (XP and Me) networked using a Netgear hub, with an external cable modem which initially worked fine but is refusing now so to do. I've slavishly followed Windows troubleshooters to no avail, but the 'slave' pc keeps coming up with the error ' gateway server unavailable'. At present, neither pc can 'see' the other.
Any help hugely appreciated.........

  recap 12:10 03 May 03

Can you do a ping either computer tankgirlsmum?

Do an ipconfig on both computers. To do this run a command prompt (go to Start/Run type in cmd) from here type in the following, noting the space after ipconfig: ipconfig /all

This will then tell you the state of your adaptor and the machines IP address etc.

  tankgirlsmum 13:38 03 May 03

Recap, thanks for that - is the following signicant at all?
Primary Dns Suffix - no value
IP Routing & WINS Proxy are not enabled
No default gateway address for National Semiconductor DP83815-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
NetBIOS over Tcpip disabled
Have pinged everything pingable and those tests showed no problems - what do you suggest I do now (please)

  LastChip 16:02 03 May 03

On the "ME" machine, go to Start; Run: and type the command;


Click OK.

When the pop-up window comes up, click on more info.

Do you have any information in there? Please don't quote specifics, just what is filled in and what is not.

You should also find you can expand the Ethernet Adapter information, to give further information about a PPP adapter. Is that in there?

I don't think this tool is available in XP, but you could try it and see.

  howard60 17:33 03 May 03

the pcs cannot see each other but the main pc can use the net. Or you cannot even get the net on the main pc? My main pc is connected to the net and my home network allows the other pc to connect to the main and use ics [internet connection sharing]

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