Network drive problem

  User-225361 16:40 29 Oct 06

I have a home network with some folders shared to allow my daughter access to file on my computer (photos etc). I also map the same drive letters on my own computer (where the shares are located) in order to simplify accessing these files for myself. Lately, when I click on the drive letter for these drives, I receive an error message (I can't recall the exact text) and cannot access the drive. After 3 or 4 attempts, the drive becomes accessible as normal, as if there is a service that starts on first attempt to access the mapped drive. This seemed to begin after I ran "PCBooster" (an optimisation utility).

Hope someone can help.

  TomG 18:50 29 Oct 06

It would be helpful to know the message - but from what you have said (this seemed to begin after i ran PCBooster...) I think you may have found your answer.
I've not used/seen pcbooster but i would suspect that its intended to speed up the pcs performance, so it may do this by shutting down services that it deems are not important.

  User-225361 06:45 30 Oct 06

Thanks fo rthe reply Tom, unfortunately my knowledge of which service is likely to be the one is not great. The one's which seem to be the obvious choices are already enabled, perhaps you could give me a clue as to which may be the culprit.

Many thanks.

  TomG 18:58 30 Oct 06

It really would be easier if you could post the error messages which would give some indication as to what has gone wrong.
An alternative is to look in event viewer (right click my computer and select manage). Look for any entries with an red X or a yellow exclamation mark that coincide with the times/dates that you are trying to access the shared drives/folders.

  User-225361 06:57 31 Oct 06

Thanks for the reply - I cannot check my PC right now as I am at work - I will check tonight and post the message. I will try your suggestion as well and see if I can't figure it from there.

  User-225361 06:27 01 Nov 06

OK - I tried last night and this morning before leaving for work, and both times I could not get this problem to recur. Therefore I cannot post the error message.

Unless it happens again I shall have to consider it fixed. Thank you for your assistance, I will keep your suggestion to hand as I have a feeling the problem may happen again.

Many thanks for your time.

  TomG 19:57 01 Nov 06

No probs

  User-225361 07:07 07 Nov 06

Just to let anyone know who still has an interest - the problem came back, so (as suggested) I checked the event viewer and discovered an "Event ID 3019 - The redirector failed to determine the connection type". Upon further web searching I found a reference on the Microsoft website to installing "WindowsXP-KB884020-x86-enu.exe" - this did not work. I looked further and discovered a Windows service called Netlogon which was set to manual - I changed this to automatic and the problem now seems definitely fixed.

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