Network connection symbol (PC & World) disappeared from task bar?

  Debe 25 Jul 11

I usually have a little PC symbol in the task bar (bottom right) of my laptop. If it has the little "Internet world" symbol on it, I know that I am connected to the internet, if it's just the PC then I am only connected to my home network. This morning they have both disappeared altogether although i am (clearly!) on the internet. Has anybody got any ideas as to where they have gone and how I can get them back ? LOL! Thanks :)

  Secret-Squirrel 25 Jul 11

Firstly, right-click an empty area of the TaskBar -> Properties -> "Notification Area" tab. Make sure "Network" is ticked in the "System Icons" section.

If it's already ticked then restart your PC and see if the icon returns.

  buteman 25 Jul 11

If using xp there is an arrow at the end of the symbols click on that to expand the group and see if they appear.

If W/7 right click the the bottom of the page left hand side.make sure the little box is ticked Always show icons and notifications on the taskbar.And also make sure icon and notification is ticked on the icons that you want to see.

  Debe 25 Jul 11

Hi, thanks for your replies. I am running Vista. I did as you said Secret Squirrel, Network is not ticked but the box is greyed out and cannot be ticked. I clicked on customise it gives current items and past items, but "Network" is in neither. I am completely stumped, I am presuming it is to do with two updates which loaded when I last shut down as I have done nothing else to the laptop!

  Secret-Squirrel 25 Jul 11

Did you try the restart I suggested Debe? Missing icons are less of a problem in Vista but it can still occur.

  Debe 25 Jul 11

I will do, I didn't restart as I thought I hadn't changed anything but I will give it a try now and let you know how I get on thanks :)

  buteman 25 Jul 11

You can have a look at this if you still have problems.

  Secret-Squirrel 25 Jul 11

"You can have a look at this if you still have problems."

Sorry to butt in on your advice Buteman but THIS Microsoft article does the same job except it's got one of those magic "Fix it for me" buttons that should automate the whole process - it's especially useful for folks who are nervous about deleting stuff in the Windows Registry.

  buteman 25 Jul 11


never noticed that one it is always easier to use programs like that rather than messing about in the registry.

  Debe 25 Jul 11

It worked! Thanks Guys, when I restarted the "Network", box was unticked but not greyed out so I ticked and everything is back where it should be- Thank-you all so much! PS Is there no longer a "Problem solved " button?

  buteman 25 Jul 11

There is a grey tick on the right click on one and it will turn green and that's it.


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