Network card/laptop faulty

  loser7 16:46 01 Jul 08

I have recently set up a wireless network but when i boot up my laptop it does not connect to the network first time, even if i try to connect it manually. If i then restart the laptop as soon as it boots up the network is available and all i have to do is click on explorer tab to connect to internet.
If anybody is famliar with this problem or knows how to fix it your help would be appreciated.

  dms_05 17:25 01 Jul 08

Do you turn off your router as well as the laptop? It may be the router itself hasn't completely booted by the time the laptop is trying to access the network. Try turning the router on before the laptop (and give it 30 -60 seconds to boot).

  loser7 19:39 01 Jul 08

dms_05 thanks for reply.
The router is left on 24/7.
It did cross my mind that the router might go into some sort of sleep mode but i have tried leaving it a few minutes instead of restarting but that did not work for me.

  loser7 19:41 01 Jul 08

sorry that last post is not very clear.
I meant to say that i thought the router might have been in a sleep mode and therfore take a minute or so to start working once the laptop tries to connect. But i tried just waiting once i booted up the laptop instead of restarting it but no result.

  Ashrich 20:51 02 Jul 08

Have a look at the wireless card properties in Device Manager , it may be trying to save power by sleeping itself , should be some settings under the " Advanced " tab ....


  loser7 17:02 03 Jul 08

Thanks Ashrich
I found this setting where you suggested
'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'
The box is checked and although i usually run my laptop off the mains i would be reluctant to uncheck this setting if there was any other way to 'wake' network card up.

  loser7 17:04 03 Jul 08

But i will try this first to see if it is definitely the cause.

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