Network cable unplugged on XP?!

  Charence 14:39 22 Dec 08

Hi all,

Yesterday, on XP, my wired LAN connection was working, but in the evening it suddenly stopped working, showing that "network cable is unplugged". I don't recall doing anything to the computer...

I have tried:
Swapping ethernet cable
Restarting computer
Disable/Enable network card
Reinstall driver
System restore to a date when it was working
Booted into Linux on the SAME system, and LAN connection works!
Wired/Wireless connection works on all other computers (inc. on XP)
Resetting the router to factory settings

Can't really think of anything else to try, except maybe reinstall Windows(?!) which I would like to avoid doing.

Currently running a virus scan, but that'll take a while to finish.

Network Card: Broadcom 440x (integrated to motherboard)
Router: Thompson ST585

Any ideas?



  PO79 14:50 22 Dec 08

You seem to have covered all the bases. Only thing I can think of is to disconnect the router from the mains and leave for about 30 minutes or so.

  DieSse 14:53 22 Dec 08

Are you absolutely sure this is the Ethernet cable it's talking about, and not a 1394 connection (which is FireWire) suddenly showing up?

  Bazz2000 14:53 22 Dec 08

In my honest opinion mate I think its a firewall problem on xp itself. Do you have a third party firewall installed on the xp partition?
As it works on Linux we can rule out a hardware problem.

  Charence 00:29 23 Dec 08

Nope, I already have firewire and that works fine. It is my ethernet/wired lan because I am also having troubles connecting to the internet from that computer when using XP.

I tried to disable my firewall, Windows Firewall has been disabled since a long time ago and I disabled Kerio firewall which I was using.. no difference sadly.

I'll have a go at letting the router rest, but the router does work for all other computers at home and I even did a reset on the router.

Also, earlier virus check (using AVG) on computer indicates no issues there.



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