Network Cable Unplugged

  provider 2 11:46 11 Dec 06

Since Windows XP sp2 persists in complaining that a network cable is unplugged (Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network), would it do any harm if I connected and enabled it, or would that be likely to set up a device conflict since GlobeSpnUSB ADSL and 1394NetAdapter are already connected?

  BurrWalnut 14:33 11 Dec 06

Does it complain or does the balloon appear when you hover the mouse pointer over it?

If you're not using it, disable it in the BIOS.

  provider 2 14:58 11 Dec 06

This is the major question. It is disconnected and disabled yet the message always appears at start-up in the notification area.
Windows seems to think, however, that I should be using it and I don`t have the knowlege to decide one way or the other.
Do I have a choice of which device I use to connect to the Internet or is this always decided by the AOL broadband installation disc software?

  provider 2 15:22 11 Dec 06

I have run AOL`s Broadband Assistant diagnostic and though it does list both connected and disconnected items, it offers no advice as to whether the system is optimised or not.

  BurrWalnut 16:02 11 Dec 06

Just go into the BIOS and disable it, look for OnBoard LAN or similar wording.

It's easily reversible.

  provider 2 16:23 11 Dec 06

Thanks for the advice. You think this device is purely for connecting up local computers, then?
Trouble is, I have had another adviser say that it has an Internet connection function too, regardless of whether or not I have a LAN so that disabling it from the BIOS would be unwise.

  BurrWalnut 18:21 11 Dec 06

It does but if you are connecting without it, disable it.

  Ashrich 19:18 11 Dec 06

Go into Network connections , right click on your Network card , select properties and untick the box for " show me when this connection has limited or no connectivity " that should do it .


  Ashrich 19:20 11 Dec 06

Actually , you can untick the other box with it as well ....


  provider 2 21:15 11 Dec 06

I`ve just been to check. Both of the boxes you specified are unchecked and as far as I know, have been unchecked all along.
I have also been to the "customise" function of the notification area to ensure that the red-crossed symbol is set to "always hide" . The odd thing is that even on these settings the baloon with cable unplugged manages to pop up from behind the AOL -connection available symbol.

  provider 2 21:21 11 Dec 06

Is there perhaps some sort of priority selection setting that Windows is reading? Maybe indicating that the preferred connection is the Intel device rather than the GlobeSpan one?

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