network cable disconnected

  craigy1 14:56 17 Feb 06

hi, i have just tried to connect a linksys @ home gateway to my desktop pc through the lan port .

but all i get is that the desktop pc says that the cable is discnnected and wont see the gateway. I have tried it with my dell laptop and it is ok, so its not the gateway or the rj45 cable.

i have tried to install the drivers adn unistall them and the pc says the lan is ok. my pc is an xp and the lan is on the motherboard which is a kt4v series. i know it shoudl work cos i used to have ntl broadband through the lan and it worked with no probs. i am on adsl now.


  craigy1 15:15 17 Feb 06


  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:42 17 Feb 06

Do you require a crossover cable for this type of setup? I am not great authority in these matters I am sure someone might advise.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:44 17 Feb 06

You may get more "lookers" in the network Forum

  dms05 16:18 17 Feb 06

Go to Network Connections (right click on the LAN icon) and highlight the LAN then right click and select Properties. You'll see the connection types such as TCP/IP, Microsoft Network, File Sharing. Maybe you need to select one of these, or even install one that's missing.

  craigy1 16:50 17 Feb 06

hi all

thanks for youur help but i have now found the problem. it was a bent wire on my motherboard where the cable fits in to the lan socket

i have now bent the wire back into place and all is working!!


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