Network cable 150m

  RGF 00:06 10 Apr 03

I have a 5 PC network, with 1 PC 150m from the hub, which is struggling to keep connection. I know the recommended limit is 100m, so is this a real limit? and if so is there a "booster" device to break it into 2 x 75 metres?

  jazzypop 00:08 10 Apr 03

A simple hub or switch halfway along the cable will do the trick

  RGF 00:13 10 Apr 03

Cheers for that - Greens staff are going to luv u cos I'm going to get them to dig up the power socket by the 18th green and stick a hub there.

  jazzypop 00:18 10 Apr 03

LOL - ever thought about a wireless link?

  RGF 00:26 10 Apr 03

Re wireless yes but 3 issues - speed which is the killer; reliability and security also a problem (wireless would be within yards of public access) but also near RAF station so emmissions may interfere??)

  DieSse 00:28 10 Apr 03

If you can get Category6 cable, it has a specified max length of 200m - one guy says he's tested it on a full 1000m reel OK.

Also thin co-ax - 10-baseT has a 200m length - you could use this for the one outstation, if you get a hub with a co-ax connector (I've done this configuration, tho' only over a shorter distance - 4 on cat5 - 1 more on co-ax.

  RGF 00:55 10 Apr 03

Now thats a real possibility - thanks for the tip.

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