network bridge wont bridge?

  agent 47 09:00 24 Nov 05

i am trying to create a network bridge!
i have 3 pc,s connected together
and it was all working before i had to reinstall windows again.
my pc is the main pc!
it is on broadband and the other 2 connect through mine. but when i click on bridge connections it comes up saying

- to create a network bridge, you must select at least two lan or high speed internet connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing.

any ideas!
thanks, agent 47!

  TonyM 11:28 24 Nov 05

You only need to use bridging if you have two different networks running together i.e. One wired network and a wireless network on the same machine.

How do the 2 networked machines connect to your main machine ?

The other thing is that Internet Connection Sharing needs to be disabled when you create the bridge ( you re-enable it afterwards).

  agent 47 16:26 24 Nov 05

i have two network cards in my pc!
i had it all bridged before i reinstalled xp!
and the check box to allow internet connection sharing on all three networks is not ticked.

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